Sunday Programme

Heart and Soul 2018 takes place in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh on Sunday 20th May. A map of the event will be available shortly, but you can start to plan your journey ahead of the day.

Stage A Ross Theatre

Stage A is located in the Ross Bandstand, right in the middle of Princes Street Gardens, and the event. There's free seating for 1,000 people and plenty room around the edges for more!

1.30pm Torphichen Kirk
1.50pm Sailors' Society: 200th Anniversary
2.00pm Sing, Sign, Celebrate
2.20pm Women's Ministry: 50th Anniversary
2.30pm Grace Notes
3.00pm Scripture Union Vocal Camp
3.25pm Blythswood Care – 25th Anniversary of the Shoe Box Appeal
3.30pm Bruce Davies
4.00pm HarmonyChoir
4.30pm TearFund – 50th Anniversary
4.50pm "Resurrection" play: Last Supper
5.00pm Closing Worship

Stage B St Cuthbert's Church

Situated in St Cuthbert's Church at the West (Haymarket) end of Princes Street Gardens, our Stage B is really many rooms with much going on!

1.00pm Quarter Peal of Bells
1.30pm – 5.00pm Tea, Coffee, Refreshments
1.30pm – 5.00pm A place apart... stillness
1.30pm – 5.00pm 50th Anniversary of Women's Ministry Exhibition
1.30pm Video Art: "3 Women" by Bill Viola
2.00pm "Resurrection" Play: Clearing the Temple
2.30pm Video Art: "3 Women" by Bill Viola
3.00pm Heart and Soul Swing Band
4.30pm Video Art: "3 Women" by Bill Viola

Stage C Family Stage & Picnic Area

Nestled in the East Avenue among the exhibitor villages, Stage C is our family stage and picnic area for the afternoon.
In addition to good fun and games, we're pleased to welcome Fischy Music back to the family stage at Heart and Soul 2018.

Join us from 12:30pm at Stage C, and remember to "bring your piece!"

"In Conversation" Village A Marquee

In Village A, you'll find our 'In Conversation' marquee, hosting a number of VIP guest speakers and presenters throughout the afternoon...

1.10pm – 1.45pm Louise Macdonald OBE, CEO of Young Scot
Presented by the Very Rev Lorna Hood OBE, we're in conversation with Louise Macdonald and one of the #YOYP youth ambassadors.
1.55pm – 2.30pm Rev Dr Margaret Forrester, 50 years of Women's Ministry
Anna Magnusson with Rev Dr Margaret Forrester discussing the 50 years since the ordination of women ministers.
2.40pm – 3.25pm Sally Magnusson on "Where Memories Go"
Hugh Pym in conversation with Sally Magnusson on her books "Where Memories Go", "The Sealwoman's Gift" and the charity Playlist for Life.
3.35pm – 4.10pm Ross Greer MSP: Young People and Faith
Ross Greer MSP discussing young people and faith with retiring NYA Moderator Robin Downie and the Very Rev Dr Derek Browning.
4.20pm – 4.45pm Hugh Pym on WW1 Commemorations
Hugh Pym discussing this year's end of WW1 Commemorations in London with the Scots in Great War London group, including Rev Angus MacLeod, Minister of St Columba's Church, Pont Street.